This is the only place where you can get a better seat than the one you're already in simply by signining into your account after you have entered the stadium. Then you can access a chart showing available seating and pricing per inning or half-inning for that day's game. 

If you have available seats you can access the same charts to register your seats as available for the game that day or even during the game should you need to leave before the finish.

All members will agree to the service fees included and one of those fees will be donated to Stand Up For Cancer-the Official Charity of MLB.

All parties will be given the opportunity to make further contributions to Charities of their choice such as Wounded Warriors and others such as local charities that are supported by teams and their fans.

Promotions could include "Raffles" and "Drawings" as well as "Auctions" for some of the special VIP seating that is available to varying degrees at every MLB stadium.

By registering here you can be alerted when MLB and their associates have agreed to the terms and sponsors have stepped up to support the actual implementation of the program.

One of the terms being presented is that Veterans will be the first pool of talent to be drawn from to provide the technical and hands-on support that each stadium will require for reasons of security and safety.

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